Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Asking!

They caught a blue lobster in Canada. According to reports, a blue lobster is only found once in every two million catches. Donald, as they are calling him, is now living the life of Riley in a restaurant tank and apparently attracting a large audience. He is special!!
Maybe I’m a cynic, but I can’t help wondering how the lobster community treated Donald. Did they make fun of him? Was he the bait of bullies across the seas? Was he the last lobster picked to be on the clamball team? Was he kept from certain, special places in the ocean because of his color? Were his rights somehow different from all the other lobsters? Was he allowed to marry?
Donald is different. He is rare and because he’s rare, he’s being treated as something of a crustacean celebrity by us, BUT. . . . What if Donald was human? Just asking!


  1. I think he lived in a special place called Smurf Village and being a smurf would make him something special indeed. But I don't think his height would be three apples.....maybe his length?

  2. Thank God for different. It is the only thing that allows me be get through. Who would want to compete with everyone if we weren't different?